December 22, 2014


I’ve been told by someone (Hi mom ^^) that my images were too dark lately… To which I said “That’s not true, look at today’s photo (Dec. 20), it’s not dark!” But sure enough if you look at the home page, the bright photos are the exceptions, and I do not fail the rule with today’s image. I was having brunch with a friend, and, because we were sitting at the bar, this very photogenic army of salt was right in front of us (again, so lucky, we could just as well have been sat elsewhere!). So yes, it’s dark, but I don’t know why, I really like it, it even beat a yummy shot of a yummy chocolate cake 😀

I was completely stuck on the Digging For Roots challenge, because I didn’t want to share something personal, and I had no fiction idea… Plus I’ve honestly had no time these past weeks. Anyway, yesterday I finally had a “Eureka” moment when I realized that I could be a little liberal with the title of the challenge and use “root” as a verb instead of a noun. Armed with this new approach, I propose to you a sort of / kind of / possibly / maybe / not really “poem in prose” if you will. And what better poetic subject than love? Thus my “poet alter ego” writes about what his/her idea of love is rooted in. Since I soooo do not pretend to even begin to understand nor be able to write poetry, I will try to keep it short.

It’s rooted in… your smile. Your really happy smile, your sad smile, your half smile, any smile.

It’s rooted in… your thoughts, your ideas, your opinions, your views.

It’s rooted in… your eyes. Especially when the sun hits them just right.

It’s rooted in… the weird things you do, the weird things I do, and the fact that we get them.

It’s rooted in… the way your hair feels when I run my fingers through it.

It’s rooted in… the things we can talk about, the list of which does not end.

It’s rooted in… how it feels to have you close.

It’s rooted in… how we laugh, we yell, we get along, we fight, we play, we get mad, we dance.

It’s rooted in… how we’re just us.


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