December 26, 2014


Choo-choo! (or Tchou-tchou! in French), today’s Weekly Series’ post features a small wooden train! I’m still home for the holidays, and I was quickly reassured after a slight moment of panic that, yes, there is a kids’ square in Lourmarin for my weekly series. My mom drove me to the village and waited for me as I shot this. I’m choosing this image because a wooden train is not the most common fixture of a children’s park and I try to keep the series fresh, but also because in the background you can sort of guess the Lourmarin castle (I think…), a “tourist spot” of this very touristy village.

Visit the rest of the series here or via the link in the top bar.

Time to catch up on the writing challenge. Next theme, a countdown! I could’ve racked my brain for a brilliant idea for a countdown but honestly I’m not a fan of all these end-of-the-year lists… So I’m going with the prompt offered by The Daily Post: write a list of your favorite blog posts from the year! But how long should that list be? After some brainstorming, I finally settled on a top 4, one post for each calendar month that the blog has been up –which means September and December have a smaller pool to choose from but hey, life’s not fair. I’ll also rank them chronologically and not by order of preference, because that would require way too much choosing.

September: For the first month of Dailimages (which really only lasted a week), I choose the post for September 25 (click here to view), because it perfectly embodies the randomness and luck that go with the project, and on the second day after I launched it, too! Indeed, I came across that scene (an orange statue of a bulldog in an apartment window), because I was biking on a street I would never have been on if I hadn’t had to, one, visit an apartment near Gare du Nord, and, two, go meet a former colleague at Bourse to give her a book back! Such random luck! Oh, and I also got yelled by cars and busses because I stopped on the side of a not-so-wide street for over 5 real minutes to grab this shot. The photo isn’t great because I was limited by my lens, but it did give me the opportunity to learn Photoshop techniques to keep only certain areas in color and B&W others. Plus people seemed to like it so yay! Other entries for this first week of Dailimages are Sept. 27th and Sept. 30th (the first I almost lost, and the second I just like).

October: Wow, there are a lot of options for October, tough choice! Buuut, it has to be the empty Laundromat photo (click here)! Not only is it one of my personal favorites, for all months, but it’s also one that everyone seems to love! Like empty children’s squares at night, I find Laundromats fascinating when they’re empty because they’re such sad places and always so poorly lit… Although whenever I’ve had to go it’s always been an OK experience, I just grab a book and listen to music and it’s fine. Anyway, I walk by this place everyday and always found it interesting, but before and (to this day), after the photo was taken, whenever I’ve walked by there’s been someone inside (with maybe 2 or 3 exceptions), so it was again pure luck that on that day it was empty –and long enough for me to get on a little wall and shoot for a good five minutes! I also like it because the post-processing was challenging (there’s actually a slight Photoshop mistake, which I now kinda like, can you spot it?). Other posts of personal significance from October are Oct. 6th (Photoshop challenge), Oct. 2nd and Oct. 16th (tough photoshoots), Oct. 25th and Oct. 31st (I just like the images), and Oct. 28th (first time I did the writing challenge).

November: This one is kind of an easy decision, it’s November 14th’s post (click here) for two reasons: it was the day I: launched the Weekly Series (of which this post is the eighth installment), and posted my favorite writing challenge so far: a long essay on pie in cinema. I honestly could’ve written even more, but I kinda had to, you know, do more serious stuff too. Other photos I particularly like from that month are Nov. 11th (for what it represents), Nov. 15th (for its randomness), and Nov. 29th (for the story behind it).

December: The final month… another tough one… It’s the first month entirely shot with my new camera / lens combo (even though the first photo taken with it is Nov. 27th). But if I really have to choose, I’m going to have to go with December 13th (click here) because this shot of a broken bottle of Ballantine’s in the rain is the most representative of Dailimages. It, even more than the Laundromat or the orange bulldog, really could’ve only been taken that day. I walk by that exact spot at least twice a day, and such a combination has only happened once. Plus I personally really like the image itself. The numerous contenders for December include: Dec. 3rd, Dec. 5th and Dec. 12th (for the images and their creepiness), Dec. 10th (for the photoshopping), Dec. 11th (because sometimes you kind of feel like just a tool to the image, not really its maker), Dec 15th and Dec. 21st (for their randomness), Dec. 22nd (just ’cause) and Dec. 20th and Dec. 25th (for the fun photoshoots and the nightmare that it was to choose which image to publish).

Plus, retroactive submission to “Shadowed” photo challenge. You don’t see actual shadows very much but there is definitely a whole atmosphere of light and shadow playing cat and mouse in this photo, I tihnk.

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