December 31, 2014


I read a quote traditionally attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt on a cool travel blog, in which she invites us to do one thing everyday that scares us (for a detailed investigation of this quote go here). On my way from Paris to the south of France I wanted to ask the pilots if I could photograph the cockpit, but I didn’t dare (I’m pretty shy). So on my way back, in light of this quote, I forced myself to. And to my great surprise, they said ‘Yes of course, not a problem!’. So the last Dailimage of the year is brought to you courtesy of the very nice Air France crew 🙂

Oh, also, I put my puppy through so many photoshoots for Dailimages during the holidays ’cause I wanted to feature her (she’s so cute!), but there was always a better candidate –and she is the abolute worst model to photograph, she follows my every move! So I put her on my other blog, Foto4Phun, instead.

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