January 3, 2015


I wake up everyday not knowing what my Dailimage is gonna be –even on the day of the Weekly Series, I only pick my square the day of. But sometimes I do get an idea for something, or an impression of what I want. For today (snapped yesterday, as per the day+1 posting rule I follow), I just knew I needed something bright, and light, in total contrast with my current state of mind. Thankfully there was a blue sky (let me tell you, the odds of that happening in January in Paris are pretty slim…) and I got quite a few bright shots 🙂 –oh and I even got screamed at again for photographing something near a prostitute (see here for the previous episode). I went with this one because it’s so simple. In post I cropped it a lot to make the smoke start at each angle, and just played with levels and upped the sat.

So much blue! And it’s literally cut in half 😉

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