January 6, 2015


You know one of those days where you just want to scream / yell / shout / roar at the top of your lungs and let it all out? Well I’ve been having those kinda regularly lately. Although ironically enough, it wasn’t thaaaat much the case yesterday. My brother slept over on his way back to Australia and we had a really cool bro/sis night 🙂 (thai food and Snowpiercer).  He even assisted me in photographing dead christmas trees (but the light was really s*** so the pics were too), and in being my co-model for a photo I was trying to do with our feet and my computer (but it didn’t really work). Those failed Dailimages attempt mean it’s gotta be self-portrait time. Initially I only wanted to post two photos of me here (one on first day of the project, one on last day) because I don’t really like being in pictures, only taking them, but it’s already the third one… Sometimes you have an idea and no model, so you just gotta bite the bullet and do it I guess 😛 Of course the combo of iris and tilt-shift blurs was added in post.

Edit: this is probably the most perfectly fitting photo I have in my archives for the Express Yourself photo challenge 😀 And also for the Blur challenge, since so much of it was added in post and without it this photo would be irrelevant. Aaaaand also the Broken challenge —don’t ask why 😉

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