January 22, 2015


A few days back (Jan. 20th, to be exact), I mentioned how Dailimages always seems to work itself out somehow, and today’s photo shows that to be true yet one more time! I was feeling like I needed a more “alive” shot, after basically two days of doors, and so, knowing I was getting a drink with a friend, figured I’d find inspiration at the bar… Little did I know I would find something as great as a dog bartender!!! I saw him/her behind the bar and called out to him/her and bam, up on the bar were the paws! My camera wasn’t ready though cause I had literally just arrived there, so I was worried I’d missed my shot, but as you can see, that little circus dog did it again! Great model, too 🙂 (unlike my own dog who, as I’ve mentioned before is a nightmare to photograph). The picture is a little grainy because I had to push the ISO quite high to get decent light (but still had to fix exposure and levels in post).

Daily promo: if you enjoy my photos, maybe you’ll enjoy my tiny (2min) short film, Orange Sanguine? View it here and vote and share if you like 🙂 (if you need help with the 3 sentences in French, a version with subtitles is available here).

Edit: Inspired by the puppy on the cover of the Express Yourself photo challenge, I submit this adorable dog with big ambitions! Who also knows all about the Rule of Thirds!


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