June 1, 2015

Pro tennis!

Federer is my Dailimage wooohooo 😀

I went with a friend to the French Open, aka one of the best tournaments of the year! And I’m not saying this ’cause I’m French, I also love all the other slams, and many Masters 1000, but the clay and the fact that it’s a grand slam just make it so special. It was my fourth time there but my first seeing Federer, consider me happy 🙂

Even though we had Category 1 seats, this is the first real shortcoming I’ve had with my beloved 50mm… So since the players looked like Playmobil characters already I decided to push it with the blur.

PS: Federer is an inspiring Force of Nature, and any day at the French Open is a good day! And a tennis court is a grid, no?

6 thoughts on “June 1, 2015

    1. Well… I did see him at bercy a while back, but the French open is more special (and I had better seats ^^). There was a super hard core fan next to us, she had a banner and was yelling “Come on Roger!” every 3 minutes. The whole row had quite a laugh.

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