August 25, 2015


Soyez et restez vous même quoi qu’il arrive

So so so! We are less than a month before the end of this blog (well, not really, more details here), and I’m giving myself a new challenge!

I decided it was time to face (and fight) my fear of… Dun-dun-duuun… “the stranger”. Taking portraits is really difficult for me, I feel super self-conscious. It’s already hard when it’s friends (unless it’s my one friend who loves the camera ;)), but when it’s strangers, it’s a nightmare!

So I’m starting a new weekly series, to be posted on Tuesdays (for a month at least, afterwards, we’ll see), and the first featured “stranger” is Marcellin.

I wasn’t sure what to do re: the text that would accompany the picture, except I didn’t want to copy Humans Of New York… So I just awkwardly asked him if he had a comment that he would like to go with the photo and he said: “Soyez et restez vous même quoi qu’il arrive”. He didn’t like that my blog was in English so much so I told him I’d leave his comment in French, but the rough translation is “Whatever happens, be and remain yourself”.

Thank for letting me photograph you 🙂

PS: If reading this didn’t tire you, you can keep going with the latest short story I wrote: iBrain 🙂

PPS: Absolutely random, just want to share the song Le Tourbillon de la Vie, sung by Jeanne Moreau in Jules et Jim because (1) I’m reading a biography of Truffaut and I’m at the point where he shot that film, (2) it’s a great film and a great song, and (3) my late grandma would always sing it 🙂

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