September 1, 2015


Claudia & Haïga

  1. I couldn’t have dreamt of a more perfect “Stranger(s) of the Day” photograph for the second installment of the series!
  2. I can’t believe the blog had to wait almost a year to get its first openly lesbian photo (’cause, well, in case I hadn’t rambled about it already, I am).
  3. Please tell me it gets less scary to ask strangers as I keep doing it. I had actually tried to approach an old lady and her dog earlier but either she was deaf or she just ignored me… so I gave up. Guess it wasn’t destined to be 😉
  4. Photo taken at the Festival Silhouette, where two friends and I saw five shorts, one of which I particularly liked, very photographic (that’s a word, right?), Barefooted.
  5. Hope you guys like the result, and thanks again for letting me do this 🙂

PS: belated particpation to the “connected” and “ephemeral” photo challenges!


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