Montréal – Lesbians like their home improvement shopping, with Marianne. Marianne is French, works in the film industry (ACs and directs), and has been in Montréal for ten years now. She doesn’t hesitate one second when I ask her which between Paris and Montréal is gayer: of course it’s Montréal! Like most of the Paris lesbians I talked to she says there are some parts of Paris where she wouldn’t be comfortable holding her girlfriend’s hand but in Montréal nowhere would she feel that way, even in the “sketchier” areas. She has me daydreaming talking about the legendary Parisian lesbian club Pulp, now closed, which I never had the chance to experience. She is not a fan of the events organized by the LSTW team because she thinks they’re more for what she calls “office lesbians” i.e. lesbians with more money, and who vote more conservative. She likes the more “underground” queer scene of Montréal, she mentioned the “Pompe” parties. All in all she thinks if lesbian nightlife is so inexistent it’s the lesbians’ own fault, we need to be more proactive!

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