Montréal – Elaheh. She’s been living in Montréal for 10 years but she’s originally from Iran. Which gave me an opportunity to learn how things are there: homosexuality (of course), drinking, and women’s dancing are all illegal! However, attitudes are changing and the youth is very accepting of gay people. Interesting fact: transsexuality is much more accepted, and the government apparently pays for the operation, because they classify it as a disease, that can be fixed. While Elaheh comes from a very open-minded family, she’s not out to her parents because 1) they have outdated views on certain things and 2) she thinks her personal life is none of their business. Here in Montréal she’s found lesbians thanks to the now closed Drugstore and dating apps. She’s the fourth person I talk to point out that Montréal is so small, all the lesbians know each other, and it feels like Alice’s Chart in The L Word. How much does being gay impact other aspects of our lives? Elaheh studies sociology and sexual diversity and wants her research to be on this and gender equality, and she’ll admit her interest in these topics is at least 50% due to her gayness.

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